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How Will We Do IT

Our goal is to establish a masjid that is open and inviting for everyone in our community.

To provide programs and facilities that attract and inspire our youth to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually in an islamic environment.

To provide an open space for our families, such that it becomes of an extension of their own home.

Our goal is to provide programs that attract community members. Young and old, male and female, to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually in a safe and dignified environment.

We are building a space that is your home away from home. 

Our Vision

Our mission is to create an environment of love for the sake of Allah. We want to do it with you in mind! Think youth halaqat, spiritual gatherings, mental health awareness events.  Think educational workshops, community get togethers, sports events and fitness classes! Think of a masjid that caters to all of your needs for the sake of Allah.

You’re thinking of the Islamic Center of Wesley Chapel. Welcome.

Our Community

The Wesley Chapel Muslim community has grown rapidly over the years. We want it to develop into a tightly knit community bound by Islamic values and principles. We are excited to bring this bond to life with our masjid project. 


Our Masjid Plan


Our masjid will be located at the intersection of Livingston and County Line Road. It is located within 3 to 15 minutes of driving distance from Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Land O’Lakes.
The masjid property consists of a serene and beautiful 5.41 acre lot surrounded with majestic oak trees. 


The Masjid building will be a fusion of Eastern and Western design reflecting the beauty of Islamic architecture as well as Western elegance. With large arched windows, natural sunlight will brighten the inside space.  


Our Masjid will provide five classrooms for learning and instruction.  
There will be a special prayer area for mothers with toddlers. Additionally, there will be another area for mothers with kids that are older than four years old.
Our goal is to expand the layout in later phases to accommodate more classrooms and specific community needs. 

Retreat & Relax

Our facility is a masjid and so much more. It will be a sanctuary for our community–providing a space for spiritual and physical retreat. By the grace of Allah, we will have:

• An outdoor basketball court
• An outdoor volleyball court
• A soccer field
• A children play area

We want our facility to provide an Islamic environment where members feel comfortable exercising. We would like to have our sisters and brothers take advantage of these facilities, with special time dedicated for sisters. This includes group fitness, solo exercise, and time just to sit and enjoy peace of mind in a picturesque setting.
Our objective is to provide the atmosphere for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Community Event Center

In the later phases, it is our goal to build a community event center. It can be used for weddings, aqiqahs, graduation ceremonies, conferences, and more.

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"Whoever builds a masjid for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise."

- Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him


We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us with any questions, feedback or inquiries.

Community Voices

Drs. Samia and Nauman Malik

“We are excited to hear about the masjid being built near Land O Lakes and Lutz. It will not only give us the oppurtunity to enroll our kids for the weekend Islamic educational programs but also allow us to actively participate in masjid activities and events not only in Ramadan, but all year round. Looking forward to the completion of this beautiful project.”

Lutz, FL


Sobia Ali

“Having an Islamic centre in our community is vital, particularly as the Muslim- American community grows, to help engage not only our Muslim youth but also the local community”

Lutz, FL

Sadaf Sami

“We are very excited for our new masjid and community centre in Wesley Chapel. Insha allah this project will beenfit all of us and serve the religious, educational and social needs of our growing Muslim community”

Land O Lakes, FL

Recent News & Updates

Phase II – Architecture Work

The 10,000 square foot beautiful masjid design would include spacious spaces for men, woman and children.  Special attention has been

Phase II – Civil Engineering Work

Since last year and a half we have been diligently working with civil engineering firm to work on various phases

Phase II – Sports Facilities

It is more than an Islamic center; this is a sanctuary for our community to provide them a space for

ICWC is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with aims to provide a sanctuary for the Muslim Community to worship and grow.