Phase I: Reserving Land

On July 2nd, 2018 we signed the contract to purchase the 5.41-acre lot with majestic oak trees that will host Islamic Community of Wesley Chapel (ICWC) and will benefit generations to come, Inshallah.  By August 30th, 2018 through Allah’s (SWT) blessing and generous support of the community we paid off the land.  Now we are blessed to have an amazing location that will serve various communities of Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land-O-Lakes and many more.  A mosque brings the community together and acts a linchpin,  ICWC Inshallah will be sanctuary for all our brothers and sisters and will be something they can proudly call theirs. 

Phase II: Building Masjid

Phase II is the most important phase.  This is the phase that requires immaculate planning and good old fashioned hard work.  Around February 2019 we had already started performing various survey of our land – Tree Survey, Topographic Survey, Boring Survey and more.   By April 2019 the Civil Engineering company started working not only phase I, but started incorporating various phases to come.  In June 2019 we already started working with an Architectural firm on the design of the masjid. 

During this design phase we have paid special attention to the women’s sections, their requirements and incorporated our sisters’ wishes and feedback. 

Our goal throughout the design is to have a masjid that is simple but esthetically pleasing.  A masjid that fulfills the needs of its congregates.  A mosque where you are spiritually connected and gravitate towards.

Phase III: Indoor Gym and Sports Facilities 

Our goal is not “another” masjid.  We want ICWC to be “more” than a masjid.  We want this be to your second home.  A sanctuary.

There is a dire need for our sisters to be able to have a safe venue where they can play various sports ranging from basketball, volleyball, soccer and more, with peace of mind, without having to look over their shoulder.  A place where they can come together.  We want our youth to bond with the masjid’s eco system and these top-of-the-line indoor gym and sport facilities that we are planning to build are the missing pieces that our youth have been craving for.  We want our community to nourish physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  

Phase IV: Community center

Mashallah our community has grown exponentially.  We need a venue for our community where they can celebrate graduations, weddings, aqiqahs and many more festivities in an elegant and picturesque setting.  Our goal is to provide our community with a venue that is elegant and well-designed. Where the place is as important as the event itself and creates memories that can be cherished for years to come. 

ICWC is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with aims to provide a sanctuary for the Muslim Community to worship and grow.